A Note On Charges Against Hurt, Redrum, Breeze, And Clark

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Charges against Hurt, Redrum, Breeze, and Clark
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Charges against Hurt, Redrum, Breeze, and Clark
Based on the police report and witness statements, Bubba Hurt committed a simple assault against Samuel Clark, followed by simple battery. According to the 2010 Georgia Code, Title 16 - Crimes and Offenses, Chapter 5 - Crimes Against The Person, Article 2 - Assault And Battery, § 16-5-20, a simple assault happens when a person either tries to commit a violent injury on another individual or commits an act that puts the latter in apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury. No actual physical touching is necessary to be charged with a simple assault because words can be enough. According to …show more content…

Aggravated battery refers to the act of intentionally and maliciously inflicting a serious injury to the victim, such as loss of a limb, loss of use of a limb, or serious disfigurement. Based on the police report and the witness testimonies, Redrum threatened Clark first before kicking him, which indicates a simple assault. In addition, Redrum committed aggravated battery against Clark. In a witness statement dated, the 13th of August 2016, Andrea Sianturi, female, 27, Asian American, living at 136 Felony Circle Happy Town, GA, an employee of Retail Sales at Socks For Feet, and a customer at Eat and Run Cafe, stated that she was eating when she saw a big white man push an older man to the sidewalk. Afterwards, another white man, Redrum, kicked the older man who responded by swinging his umbrella and hitting the big man in the face. Next, Sianturi saw a white woman strike the older man with something in her hand. By kicking the older man already on the sidewalk, Redrum committed aggravated battery. However, since according to Skittles’ testimony, Redrum helped Breeze take of her shoe, he can be charged with an aggravated assault charge. At the minimum, Clark faces simple battery since he intentionally caused harm to Clark. However, the charge may be raised to aggravated assault if intent to murder is supported by further evidence. An aggravated assault means assaulting someone with intent to murder, to rape, or to rob using a deadly weapon or with any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to, or lead to, serious bodily injury or shooting a firearm from within a motor vehicle toward a person or people. Redrum did not use the shoe as his weapon to hurt Clark but somehow assisted or

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