A & P Character Analysis

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As one transition from childhood to adulthood, the ability to make decisions, show leadership, and to take responsibilities for own actions increase tremendously. In 1961, in a small mediocre town located in Massachusetts, 19 year old Sammy worked as an A&P checkout clerk. All through his time at A&P Sammy was miserable, and despised practically every individual from the community. He depicted them as witches, pigs, birds, and other terrible names. Unfortunately the adolescent 's manager was additionally a disrespectful man who was companions with his parents. The environment Sammy was in was just completely mentally challenging in a detrimental way with business being slow, and the tiny store being dull. A&P was not convenient for the teen.…show more content…
All endeavors are useless when there is a terrible supervisor. Landall who was a Sunday school teacher and who additionally happened to be Sammy’s manager. He had lots of negative characteristics that did not qualify him to be a good supervisor. Landfall has been just totally impolite, and inconsiderate. He immediately attacked a group of females that walked in the store because of how they were dressed. “Girls, I don’t want to argue with you. After this come in here with your shoulders covered. It’s our policy” (Updike 4). He was being biased against the group because the rule was not real. Landfall has been just wicked. A&P was affecting Sammy 's life negatively, leaving the place of employment was a positive choice. It allowed him to not associate with individuals he detested, and do not work for a rude supervisor in a store that was dull consistently. Sammy was squandering his time at A&P, he was not learning anything gainful. His loved ones ought to regard his choice. By settling on this decision Sammy could proceed onward to better things in life. Sammy could join the military, and make a decent amount of money while learning new skills that will push him
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