Beauty Pageant Speech Analysis

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Rationale- A Pageant Speech

As a part of “Part 2- Language and Mass Communication”, I will write a Pageant speech for a girl who wants to win a beauty contest. In the contest, these speeches mostly serve to show the ideas of the contestants. The girl will explain malignity of euphemism and how people are discriminated with these sugar coatings. I will use inclusive language, in order to bring out the fact that the girl is also part of the society. I am inspired by the speeches of other Miss Universe’s, such as Leia Lopes and Pia Wurtzbach.
In the speech, the speaker tries to persuade the juries and the community with showing her understanding the hardship through people who had been excluded from the society, people labeled with their gender, race or mental situation. She explains the euphemism that society use is just an illusion to discriminate in a moderate way. She argues that people should accept their adjectives and themselves without need of gentrify who they are. As a beauty pageant, she tells some personal
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She has down syndrome. It is a real discussion about whether saying “retarded” or “mentally challenged”. But the question is does it really matter to gentrify the word where the meaning is still and same. The dictionary meaning of word “retarded” is “less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one 's age”. But people mostly use the word retarded as insultation not for the medical condition. What I meant is, we, as user of the language are giving the meaning of “stupid” to the word as we do in many other words. 50 years ago “retarded” was a common medical term. But who changed the meaning? Why do we need to modify? Because people started to use the term for negative situations and the denotation that people think for the word is changed. WE changed the meaning in our minds, and to stop these crowd of words, instead of changing our words we should change our
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