A Pair Of Tickets Analysis

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The Photos in “A Pair of Tickets” The short story “A Pair of Tickets” which was written by Amy Tan, describes an impressive trip experience of Jingmei Woo. She is an American-Chinese and her mother has passed away several months ago. The turning point in her life is someone has found her twins sisters, who were abandoned by her mother in the war period. The story starts from their trip on the train, ends in the reunite with her sisters. In the story, the photograph runs through the text, and each time it presents differently in every setting. Amy Tan uses photos as a metaphor for connections or identification in the story. The first time of photo appeals is at the beginning of the story, the twins “kept a framed picture of their mother”…show more content…
Because of this photo of the narrator, they can recognize each other without saying, and then they “run toward each other, all three of us embracing, all hesitations and expectations forgotten.” It is the magic of the photo, it is more the magic of family connection. In this setting, their first meeting is smooth since the photo of Jingmei connects them well. Finally, the last photo in the story is a flash of the Polaroid which is taken for these three girls, it is like a picture of the family, represents the moment of reuniting. The narrator says the twins look like their mother and in that second, she realizes the family culture within her, which she did not understand before. She watches the photos together with her sisters, “eager to see what develops” (173). This is a wonderful part of the story, not only the quality of photos has changed, their family connection also develops. The people in the photos become closer and closer. In conclusion, the photo has significant meanings in “A Pair of Tickets,” it symbolizes the identification of family members and the connection among them. Understanding the meanings of the photo can deeper comprehend narrator’s family ties. These photos embody the connection between the past and influences the
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