A Pair Of Tickets Character Analysis

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Character Analysis
When thinking of families most of the time its people you grew up with, and the culture you grew around. The story " A Pair of Tickets" () draws on what family and culture do to family 's and more importantly one person. June grows up in America where the culture to her is more familiar than that of her Chinese parents. While growing up she thought countless of times that the ways of her mother where strange and embarrassing, and at time she didn’t think of herself as truly to her heritage. Throughout the story June goes through different stages of grief, and finding herself when she truly thought she wasn’t a part of a culture. The first part June doesn’t take where she is from and who she is, but as the story goes on she learns more about her mother and realizes who she is.
Growing up in America, June was used to the western civilization. While June was in school she "..denied that I had any Chinese whatsoever below my skin.."(302). She didn’t think she was in fact Chinese. Identifying she doesn’t have any Chinese was in fact her saying that she doesn’t identify with this other side of her. Growing up where she did, she misses that culture influences of where her parents grew up. June faces the facts that she doesn’t actually have any ties to where her parents grew up, so she doesn’t identify to them as much as she does to her other friends. Although she might have not seen it herself, her mother was constantly telling her of who she was.

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