A Pair Of Tickets Short Story

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A Pair of Tickets and Volar
First story: The story A Pair of Tickets by Amy Tan is a story concerning family and heritage. Jing-Mei was a Chinese born in the USA and grew up with an American background culture, whereas her mother and father grew up in China and then immigrated to America. The narrator, Jing-Mei explores the internal conflicts affecting individuals living abroad. She wanted to prove how being ignorant and not embracing one’s own culture could make a person miss out on the most important elements of one’s life and heritage. The story illustrates the challenges faced by second generation American immigrant children. Faced with dilemmas such as bi-culture, cultural translation, and self-identification, the children can forget their roots.
The second story: The story Volar by Judith Ortiz Cofer, is about a little girl who was born in Puerto Rico and immigrated to America with her parents. She dreams of being a superhero. In her dreams, she transforms into a beautiful blonde woman with various
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In the story, A Pair of Tickets, Suyuan, was not happy because she couldn’t relocate her twins from China while Jing-Mei is denying her Chinese heritage and becoming Americanized. After her death, Jing-Mie at age 30 was struggling to reconnect with her roots and had many questions about her identity. Luckily, she relocated her lost twins sisters and finally discovered her identity; Chinese. Nevertheless, the little girl in the story Volar wants to fit in the society where she was different and having difficulty fitting in. However, she was becoming someone else in a dream abandoning her old identity. Her mother was also not happy in America and was wishing to fly to Puerto Rico to reconnect with her roots, but could not do it they were poor. Basically, both stories illustrate the internal conflicts affecting immigrants/individuals living
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