A Parrot In The Oven Analysis

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A Parrot in the oven is about a young boy Manny Hernandez who wanted to be a baseball player. He worked hard all summer to buy a baseball glove. As time passed manny started changing and he wanted to be a “vato firme” he wanted to gain respect and have/make out with girls so he decided to join a gang. Leaving his dreams behind. Martinez uses action and interior monologue to show Manny as a typical teenager. This interior monologue shows that Manny is a good boy and he got dreams; “Without work I was empty as a Coke bottle. School was starting soon, and I needed money for for clothes and paper stuff. I wanted a baseball mitt so bad a sweet hurt blossomed in my stomach whenever I thought about it. Baseball had a grip on my fantasies then, I couldn't shake it loose.” (Martinez, Pg. 7). This quote is saying that manny is a good boy, he is independent, he is a hard worker and he works for what he wants and need.…show more content…
Just like Frankie had promised.”(Martinez, pg. 194). Now Manny is becoming interested in girls just as most teenagers and he is forgetting about his
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