A Partime Indian Analysis

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Death/alcoholism the true diary of a Partime Indian Alcoholism is another prevalent throughout his book that the author discuses continuously junior defines his community and family as mostly drunk he is angry and hurt by this outcome and also he is hurt by the many tragic deaths that lead to alcohol surrounding his community I know only like five Indians in our whole tribe who had never drunk alcohol He is familiar with his family and community being alcoholics, and is far too aware with the consequences and concerns of heavy drinking habits and lifestyles The effects of alcoholism in junior life are seen numerous times junior talks about the disappoint times that there is no presents during Christmas because of family situation and incapability which increase when his father disappears for a number days because of alcohol addiction Arthur describes his…show more content…
After all of the deaths and dissatisfactions in juniors life, he knows he can never become an alcoholic. He knows his parents love him and want a better life for him; he says, “Yeah, Dad is a drunk and Mom is an ex-drunk, but they don’t want their kids to be drunks”. Although Arthur’s father is seemingly content with living the life of an alcoholic, he does not want the same for his son or daughter. Once it becomes too late for juniors ’s sister to avoid a life of alcoholism, his mother tries to guarantee that juniors ’s destiny will be different from his father and sister’s: “ ‘Don’t you ever drink,’ my mother said to me. She slapped me. Once, twice, three times. She slapped me HARD. ‘Promise me you’ll never drink.’. His mother’s words and physical action illustrate her desperation along with the stakes of drinking. Junior promises his mother that he will not drink alcohol; after all he sustains affected by alcohol, this difficult assurance seems completely
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