A Perfect For Bananafish Analysis

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In the short story “A perfect for Bananafish” by J. D. Salinger, Seymour’s comfort around children rather than adults represents the conformity that adults have created for social standards when they don’t understands they judge. When Seymour and Sybil meet at the beach, Seymour tells Sybil that he likes her blue bathing suit, which is actually yellow: ““It's a blue bathing suit.”...“this is a yellow”...“you're absolutely right. What a fool I am.”...“are you going to the water?” Sybil said.””(Salinger 8). Sybil corrects Seymour for the mistaking of the bathing suit and has no further questions or comments about the mistake. Sybil, a child, understands that Seymour has made a mistake, but as a child she has not conformed to the idea that mistaking
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