The Giver Dystopian Society

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Have you ever wondered what a perfect society really is? To some people, they may imagine a world where all people are wealthy and live in mansions, where everything and everyone is happy and equal, but maybe to other people it may be a place where its all cupcakes and rainbows, fun and colorful. In The Giver the society the people live in is called a “dystopian society”. However, in the book, the author makes it seem as they live in a “utopian society”, when in reality its the complete opposite. The society they live totally differs from the society we live in, however there are a few things on how they’re alike. In the book The Giver there are similarities and differences to modern day society such as family units, rules and laws, and …show more content…

They have never had the opportunity to feel true happiness or any other type of feeling, like love. The Giver had said “Jonas, you and I are the only ones who have feelings. We’ve been sharing them now for almost a year” ( Lowry 154). If the people were to feel real emotion then the society wouldn’t be equal and it would cause “selfishness”. Conversely, in modern society, we have the right to feel however we want. Wether its pain or sadness, us regular human biengs experience some type of emotion every single day and it completely natural for us. In order for both societies to function they have to set up there laws some way. If they choose to not have feel true emotions then it has to proceed that way so the society can stay equal. Same thing for our modern society. For our society to function and work out, the people have to have the right to feel feelings. Each society has its own unique way of doing things but its only that way so it can function properly. Overall, The Giver compared to modern society has many differences and some similiraties, such as family units, rules and laws, and feelings. In the book, the society the author tries to create is a lie. The people believe that they are living a perfect life in a perfecet society, when in reality they are living a dystopian life where rules are strictly made. Family units, rules and laws, and feelings our all ways that modern society and The Giver society are alike and

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