How My Best Friend Changed My Life

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I’m the type of person that finds the good in everyone. I always give the person respect until they prove it otherwise. In the years of my life I can say I’ve encountered many people who have changed my life and some even the way I think. There is one person in particular that comes to my mind when I think of “best friend.” We have a lot of good friends and people that have come across our paths, but to pick one would be a really hard choice. Thankfully I have kept the most amazing people in my life thus far. When I think of friendship the first thing that pops up in my mind is Nicole. Mostly because to me it was sort of like faith to meet her or to even just have her be a part of my life. Some people find soulmates in friends and I have…show more content…
I will never forget how much I cried that night and she was just there consoling me through a screen. Even though it may seem weird, it was the best consolation I ever got. We started talking again and we talked without holding anything back. Keep in mind, we still have never met in person, only through webcams. I guess in a way this felt safer to us because we both had issues with the outside world. We knew each other’s dirty habits, deepest secrets and biggest insecurities. One day she tells me she was coming to Honduras and I couldn’t believe it. I was utterly in shock, I was excited and I was also nervous. I wondered if we would like each other in person or if it would be too awkward. I even joked that we should just bring the laptops when we meet and talk through a chat. The day finally came and we decided to go out for drinks and meet at Friday’s. I looked around and was trying to find who I knew through photos and videos. That’s when I saw the big curly hair and the tiny skinny girl. We were both so happy and we started laughing. Everything went perfect, nothing was awkward and maybe the drinks helped a little, but I felt like if this was something completely normal. We talked a lot and it was even better than just sharing everything through text or voice notes. We were so boisterous and it felt everyone was staring at us, but we didn’t care. The day went better than I had expected and that made me
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