Short Essay On Welding

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Welding Day dreaming of my long term goal of one day becoming a certified welder, I caught myself lying on the floor. For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of being a welder at some big plant making lots of money. This career has always interested me in every aspect. Welding was once invented in 1919 by C.J. Holslag, but it did not become more known until another decade. Welding is a very hard time taking task that most people struggle with. Although for my situation, it has been very easy and relaxing. In my spare time I take the edge off by welding and bettering my skills. Welding is a job that will always be needed within the society. Welding is a career that is needed worldwide and used in many different situations. For…show more content…
My overall favorite type of welding is “stick welding”. This type of welding has been around for more than 100 years. Stick welding, which is also known as shielded metal arc welding, is a type of welding that uses a stick electrode. This type of welding doesn’t cost much to operate and has minimal equipment. Stick electrodes come in many different sizes. Sizes come in 1/16’ ,3/32’ ⅛’, and 5/32’ and ranging from small to big. Each of these sizes operate with a different type of welding power source. Stick welding is more simple to learn than any other kind of welding, but it take much practice to perfect. The task may be easy, but it is very important to make sure it is done right. Once you lay a bead down with a stick welder you must then follow by knocking the slag off. The next step is to clean it up with a wire wheel so it won't have any slag stuck in the bead. If any slag is left in the bead it will eventually start to form rust before any other part of the weld. Selecting the right electrode for the job can be challenging also. Once a person has worked with this type of weld for a while it begins to come natural to the person to know what electrode is needed for the
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