A Personal Essay: The Influence Of Dieting

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My belief about dieting is that it is an important subject, I think it could dictate what you eat, how you sleep, how you dress, and most importantly it could dictate how long you live. What I think most people think about dieting is that they think that it is something you go on for a little while to lose weight which could be true in some cases but I believe that a diet truly is a life change, when diet can dictate so much of your life many people just give up, because they can’t be like that success story of the person who lost 30 pounds. While dieting can be used to lose weight, in my opinion, it should mostly be used to be healthy, not thin but healthy I think some people get in their head that if your not skinny after dieting than your doing it wrong when they may not be I think few people remember that being healthy and being skinny don’t always go hand and hand. A lot of emphasis goes on BMI…show more content…
So if 43,000 obese people are actually considered healthy then why do people think that obese are unhealthy is it because we don’t want to be like them so we tell ourselves that healthy is skinny. So is health even shown on the outside because obese people can be healthy and “normal” people can be healthy so is health just an inward thing the definition of health is being free from illness but according to the “national institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases” “About 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese.”( Under How is type 2 diabetes linked to overweight) so do your weight and the way you look effect your health being obese can contribute to being unhealthy but being but you can be obese and still be healthy or be “normal weight” and be

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