Personal Narrative: My Visit To Chino Hills

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Although only a couple of hours away from where I live, I never had the chance to visit Chino Hills. Recently, though, a good friend of mine moved out there for work. Kevin got a job with a freight shipping company, so I found a good reason to visit the city, at last. I never knew things will take an interesting turn on my forthcoming meeting with my old friend. My college buddy has been in Chino Hills for a couple of months before I called him up one night saying I was coming to see him on the weekend. He sounded enthusiastic about showing me around the city; after all, it has been years since I have met him last. Since we are both avid hikers, he suggested that we go hiking in the city's state park. I happily agreed, looking forward to some time away from the bustling city. On Saturday morning, I woke up at 7 am, excited about seeing Kevin. I got into my BMW roadster, joyfully driving for about 2 hours before reaching the city at half past nine. I felt amazed at the sight of lush greenery, which made regret not visiting the city before. With the help of my GPS, I made my way to the restaurant Kevin said we…show more content…
Sure enough, a well-groomed young man showed up with a big smile on his face, and a bag full of tools and gadgets. He greeted me and my friend and told us not to worry. Only a few minutes later, I had my car key in the palm of my hand. Truth be told, Luke was a true professional, in fact, he was a lifesaver. I was grateful and amazed at how quick and efficient this automotive locksmith got the job done. I cannot recommend My American Lock and Key highly enough. I never expected that it would take less than an hour to retrieve my car key and get back on the road again. In the weeks that followed, Kevin and I laughed about the whole story, which was not very amusing at the
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