A Personal Geography

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Sibo Wang
Geog 140-001
Katherine Nashleanas, Ph.D.
Final Essay
DEC 06 2015
The World as I See It: A Personal Geography The world is a very large space that consists of different people with different cultures and ethnicities. The world is a complex space that has many unstable factors influencing how it occurs. The world is a big space that allows millions of people clustered regarding minorities and majorities and isolated to exist. The world, from the perspective of the map, is a circular space that consists largely of water and land where the different cultures and ethnicities it supports subsists on. The world is so diverse since it has many different types of people divided regarding race, religions, ethnicities, education, social status
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In this space of the U.S, there are many things I need to learn and adapt to since the lifestyle of China and that of the U.S is significantly different. My traditions and beliefs vary significantly from those of the U.S world. In my world, we are all on a train, where in my world I am the driver of the train. However, many obstacles influence other factors of my world. For instance, there is the external issue of scarcity of resources, different religions perspectives about issues in the society and the different ethnicities. My personal world is small compared to the world out there since there are no many differences that diversify us. My world started in China and currently, it is developed in the United States. These two countries form the world most powerful countries in the entire world. However, externally, the countries engage and encounter many wars as they fight over resources and power among others. However, my world changes constantly, as I and others in my world continue the journey of…show more content…
For instance, I believe that my family been a part of the world is due to the close connections we all have heard with time. The people that live in my world, as shown above, include my family, friends, and education. I have so many friends from high school, college and in the society. They are all part of my world. Other minor aspects of my life include singing, sports, hanging with friends, playing video games, and onshore skating among others. I am grateful for all the people and important aspects of my life since they ensure that I am happy and grow economically, socially and physically. My family is a major aspect of my life that influences what I do, where I am going and my
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