A Personal Narrative Essay: My Most Rewarding Volunteer Experience

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What is life’s most extraordinary pleasure? For many, money, power, and/or fame come to mind, and the idea of helping others does not register. It seems for every person eager to help, there are millions ready to hurt or disregard those in need. Nevertheless, the world is not beyond salvation; there are numerous individuals willing to give their time and labor to transform the world into a better place for all. These devoted people are volunteers, and they believe life’s most extraordinary pleasure is the joy of helping others. I experience this joy every time I volunteer, and I recognize it as one of life 's greatest pleasures.
My most rewarding volunteer experience was the time I operated a game booth at my church 's annual fair. I
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Volunteering is very important; it is both vital to the people receiving aid as it satisfies their needs, and it is important to those administering aid as it gives them joy and helps them become better people. The reason I volunteered for St. Margaret 's Fair was so I could finally stop sitting around and get to work. When I saw the opportunity to do something important, I grasped at it; I selected the ring toss game was because I felt it would be fun and important. I do believe my job at the St. Margaret 's Fair was very important as it both collected money for those in need and, at the same time, instilled me with a love of volunteering. The purpose of the fair was to collect money for humanitarian efforts in the local area. At that time, my region of Texas had ample poverty, and the church wanted to abate that burden. As a result, they created the fair, and it helped families ever since. My contribution might have been modest, but it was important because it, along with other contributions, added up into one big contribution that truly benefited the community. In addition to the money it raised, my job was important to me because it gave me a love of volunteering. As I mentioned above, this was my first attempt at volunteering, so before this, I never volunteered. This event showed me the joy of volunteering and established a love within me that still has not died. These two factors are why I will never forget this event, and why it inspires me to

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