A Personal Narrative-The Stereotypes Of Dance

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Stereotypes aren't real I had too much free time. It's not really normal for a 6 year old to be bored. with all the excitement and joy with being a clueless 6 year old, I was bored, a lot. I always remembered picking up my sister from dance, with a smile on her face, always talking about the new steps and moves she learned, to be honest, I kinda used to be jealous. She went to this little place called the dance shoppe. The dance shop was sorta a small place, but they had trophies lined up the walls. mrs michigan 2007 mrs michigan 2006... My sister was always nagging me to go to dance because I always complained about being bored but I was a stubborn 6 year old so I would always say “dance is for girls.” But somehow, they convinced me to go to dance.…show more content…
for the first two years I always complained “It's so boring” and stuff like “don't force me to go again” but I got my stubbornness from my parents, so I kept going. It took a long time for me to stop complaining and realize that nothing is really “girly”. It wasn't until my fourth year that i realized it was something i really enjoyed. the dance shoppe has weekly hour long classes, usually just practicing, learning new steps, and combos and stuff. Then once it hits christmas break, we start to learn our dance. Every year we have a theme, like snow white, aladdin, beauty and the beast and others. Sometimes the songs we dance to are from the movies, or the dances have props like in some scenes in the movies, it's really
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