A Personal Reflection Of My Three Concussions In American Football

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It was June 2nd of 2013, and like most days of that time of year I was off to an afternoon soccer game. I has only recently returned to playing sports after being out for three months because of a concussion, and I was so happy to be back doing what I loved. My tea, was doing pretty well that year, and we were expecting an easy win from the game that day. I arrived at the game about a half hour early as usual, and my team and I began stretching. The game started on time, and my team played hard like always. As the end of the first half rolled around we were winning 2-0, as expected. My team and I took the field as the second half began, but I had no clue how much this second half was going to impact my life. It seemed like such an average day, but I couldn’t have…show more content…
The reason that internal bleeding was such a possibility was because this was my third concussion. They told me that I had whiplash, and a severe concussion. The doctor giving us these results was the true moment that I found out that I’d never be able to play sports again, and it killed me to hear that. I was discharged after being in the ER for about five hours, and I finally got to go home. This day was what caused my eleven month struggle with Post Concussion Syndrome, over a year of stomach issues, weight loss, and also several months of depression. Post Concussion Syndrome caused me to have terrible headaches every day for eleven months, and during this time I was taking about five Advil a day. I went to the doctor complaining of stomach problems, and it turned out that the amount of Advil I had taken had dissolved almost half of my stomach lining. With this problem, it was almost impossible for me to keep down food, so I ended up losing about fifteen pounds. I still think about that day every once in awhile and get upset, but I’ve tried to not let it affect my life more than it really
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