A Personal Value System: Value Systems Analysis And Diversity

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Personal bias What my definition of bias is the favouritism of someone or something. This means that I would like someone or something just because of whom or what they are. An example of being bias could be the likeness of one race or culture over another. I would say that my personal bias would be towards African or black people. I continuously find myself favouring people of darker skin. I find it somehow easier to talk to them without feeling judged or afraid. My best friend, not surprisingly, is black. I met her in high school but I didn’t become friends her with because of her skin colour, she was a great person to be around. I only found out a year or two later that I felt more open and secure around black people. I got to know the…show more content…
It is evident that if I believe in something specific then I’d behave or carry out an action in a certain way. This personal value system guides me to determine what is important t me. If you have a personal value system then it would also shape who and what you are, this system would allow you to act in certain ways as well. Without value one can make hasty and rash decisions without thinking it through (www.essentiallifeskills.net). Making these impulsive decisions could in turn have dire consequences. There are four stages of a person’s personal value system including one’s personal values, spiritual values, family values and career…show more content…
“Cultural values are the patterns of goodness and badness people assign to ways of being in the world.” (Bennet, Milton, J,1998: 13) So the way in which my family, coloured people, will depict and portray values and styles according to what they believe to be right. As in the norm in many coloured families my parents use to hit or spank me when I was naughty when I was younger and did not listen. In many other cultures that would be seen as too cruel a punishment. “Certainly there are parents who never spank, however, even for those parents who do use physical punishment, their use of such techniques tends to decrease as children grow older and their reasoning capacities increase.” (Papalia and Feldman, 2012: 328). This clearly proves that not all spankings are bad and decrease with time as the child grows

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