Personal Bias: Placement On The Continuum

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Personal bias What my definition of bias is the favouritism of someone or something. This means that I would like someone or something just because of whom or what they are. An example of being bias could be the likeness of one race or culture over another. I would say that my personal bias would be towards African or black people. I continuously find myself favouring people of darker skin. I find it somehow easier to talk to them without feeling judged or afraid. My best friend, not surprisingly, is black. I met her in high school but I didn’t become friends her with because of her skin colour, she was a great person to be around. I only found out a year or two later that I felt more open and secure around black people. I got to know the black culture and learnt new and interesting things not only about the black culture but also about myself. My friends and I share a common bias and that could be why we understand each other. We…show more content…
The continuum is important because it tells one where one stands whether you are individualistic or more collective. Individualism refers to one doing things on your own, caring only about things that concern you. Collectivism refers to more of a broader aspect, that family things and togetherness is more important than tasks. On the ethnocentrism continuum I think that I find myself somewhere in the middle. In between loyalty and nationalism. Ethnocentrism means “the belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own ethnic group or culture.” ( I don’t believe that my own culture is better than another nor do I believe that I should be extremely loyal to the state of South Africa. I look at things from a logical point of view and I would make a tactical decision from
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