A Persuasive Speech On Meat Conumption And Health

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Assignmenr11:1 TOPIC=Meat conumption and health. I will be making a persuasive speech in my class on a topic that has risen to more and more importance in my mind . The reason why world 's population should reduce their meat consumption. Introduction- Meat is defined as the flesh of an animal as food . Put that way, its doesn 't seem to be the most appetising thing, but many people support that it is a delicasy. It has gained popularity as more and more have money to pay for it , notably in china where the meat eating community has doubled in size in almost twenty years. There re however some people on this planet who are against the eating of meat, otherwise known as vegetarians. Many vegetarians support that eating of animals is inhumane.Vegetarianism is a difficult choice, but one that does have many benefits. Today , once i explain to you how illegal eating meat is, you 'll agree that we must reduce our meat consumption. Idividual health---People who eat onnly plant =based foods-aka vegetarians-generally eat

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