A Picaresque Hero In Robinso Robinson Crusoe

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Picaresque novel is a early form of novel. It is usually a single person narrative relating the adventures of a rogue or a lowborn adventurer as he moves from place to place and from one social environment to another in his effort to survive. A picaresque hero can be likeable in the realism he portrays. Robinson Crusoe is the narrator of the story. Crusoe started sail at nineteen years of age, despite his father 's demand that he stay at home and be contented with his middle life. Crusoe finally establishes a farm in Brazil and realized that he is living the life his father planned for him. Crusoe is half a world away from England and agrees to sail to the Guinea Coast to trade for slaves, and when a terrible storm blew , he is left alone on an island. He spends 35 years of his age there, and his time on the island forms the basis of the novel.…show more content…
He was involved in series of violent storms at sea. He was warned by captain that he should not be sea fearing man. He was ashamed in going back to home. He boarded another ship and returned from successful trip to Africa. He met with bad luck and was taken prisoner in Sallee. He was rescued by Portuguese ship. He started a new adventure. He landed in Brazil and became the owner of a sugar plantation. Hoping to increase his wealth by buying slaves he involved himself with other planters. He took a trip to Africa to bring back a ship load of slaves. When they survived storm Crusoe and others were ship wrecked. Crusoe was thrown upon shore to discover that he was t5he only surviver of the
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