A Picture Of Dorian Gray Analysis

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Often times people will look at the pinnacle of their life as when they were young and in their prime. This often being ones early twenties. While even if they are not well off financially they just have more energy to do the things they love. This like everything is just a part of life. Problems tend to occur in those who grasp on to these areas in their life. In the story A Picture of Dorian gray, Dorian is absorbed by his youthful self permanently, this leads to a decay in his social and physical life. Taking a character like Dorian Gray exhibits the types of characteristics a person might have when trying to control their natural age and personality in life. The beginning of the story gives a clear cut picture to what Dorian Grays view about his life is. At first he is introduced to a beautiful portrait of himself painted by Basil Hallward. During the time of viewing the painting Dorians attitude toward his life is shown as very pessimistic. While viewing the painting first hand Dorian said “ How sad is this! I shall grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young. It will never be older than this particular day of June”(Wilde 19). Here, Dorians attitude is pessimistic and low. Dorian shows keen signs that he views his life as limited. After viewing the portrait Dorians thoughts and feelings towards his physical life plummet. His own selfish and ignorant behavior to the situation only worsens his relationship with everyone else. Like
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