A Place At The Beach Essay

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The sky is dotted with white, fluffy clouds that blocks the ever burning sun, the cerulean blue gown that is the sea and the sand that seemed to be dipped in earthshine gold. Palm trees are lined in serried rows that sway side to side in the whistling wind and the magnificent peacocks that make their occasional appearance. All these are the reasons why the beach is at the top of my list of places I would go to clear my mind. Many people have their place where they find complete peace and comfort. For me, it is ‘Siloso Beach’ at the island, Sentosa. From the soothing sounds of the waves, to the air pregnant with the smell of salt and seeing children giggle gleefully as they build sandcastles, it never ceases to get me away from the stresses of life. At the beach at Sentosa, I gaze upon the crashing waves and…show more content…
The screams of adrenaline and excitement can be heard from a mile away as they enjoyed the fast ride of the wind and salty ocean water hitting their faces. Soon, the sun was getting tired and it slowly laid off its heat. People came rushing back down to the sand, chilling off after a fun day of playing. Their energy was depleted, but everything was worth for a fun day at the beach. Towels were being handed out and the shops alongside the beach were getting ready for the end of the day and closed up. Some stay to admire the spectacular view of the sunset, and make a wish upon the horizon. Finally, the sun dipped into the pool of internal light, and the waves of the sea seemed to be bidding me a goodbye. As I left the beautiful beach, I felt as if I was snapped back to reality. However, the serenity and comfort the beach gave me was still etched onto my heart as I made my way back home. All I could feel on the journey home was contentment and warmth, and I knew I would return soon to the paradise of fun, the

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