A Place At The Table: Documentary Analysis

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The Film I watched is called “A Place at the Table” which was released in March 1, 2013, and the directors are Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson. The documentary is about how 50 million Americans are struggling with food insecurity, and offer some solutions to the problem. The documentary mainly focuses on these three Americans, who are struggling with food insecurity. The First person is a single mother, who is from Philadelphia and her name is Barbie. She grew up in poverty and is trying to provide a better life for her two kids. With one that was diagnosed with G6PD that is an Immune Deficiency, he has hearing and speech problems due to his early stages of life he didn’t get enough nutrition he needs to develop well.
The second person is a child which her name is Rosie, she’s a fifth grader from
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A women in the film called Ree is one of the Americans that are in food dessert, she has to travel 66 miles to another city to get fresh fruits and vegetables, which is wasting money for gas. As well as for Barbie, she has to ride two buses that is more than an hour trip for a fully-shocked supermarket. Another part in the film that caught my attention was about, the cost of healthy eating has gone up since the 1980’s for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well with obesity. And the cost of processed foods has gone down with the price over the years since 1980. I had a conversation with my mother about this because we both realize how expensive the fruits and vegetables are, when we was at the supermarket, which we never really thought about it until now. I think this film is a very good on giving information on a big problem we have in America that most people, even me doesn’t know what’s really going on with people struggling with food and opens your eyes on things we mostly don’t think about and should pay attention
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