A Poem An Obstacles Analysis

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A Poem an Obstacles written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a poem which try to narrate about the human’s day to day struggle and tell us about how we have to ignore all those obstacle and resume our journey to our destiny.
1.Firstly analyse the whole poem by considering the narrator as a human Being As we know that every people have their own obstacle which make them uneasy and bring hardship in their life. An obstacle is an object, thing, action or situation that causes an obstruction. This obstacles are the things that we human being face in our day to day life So obstacle can be of any form and kind which bring difficulties in people life until and unless it is eradicate. According to the poem “With many things to do, Important business of my own, And other people 's too” Either it is important or less important Human life is full of works and responsibility that make their life busy and continue their life. We always try to do what is there in our
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Gender analysis by giving a specific identity to the narrator Lets take an example of a woman who have a drunk husband and a children, where she love her children very much.. Work of households are just a minor routine for them.. A women who dealt with their drunk husband. From my view it is this are worst because domestic harassment break the harmony of family. There is no a chance that drunk husband will take care of the children and their education. So woman took an in charge in upbringing of the children. So for them the obstacle is violence and drunk husband. Her destiny is her children education, food and healthy life if she can provide.
“When a sudden inspiration came, As sudden winds do blow.” Her inspiration is her children and their future, which keep her moving ahead even though there is lot of hardship and struggle. There may be brushed and mark on the woman body. But they smile for their children so that their children could at least find a comfortable at the site of their
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