A Political Allegory In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Rationale Animal Farm is a political allegory that represents the Russian Revolution but instead of people the author, George Orwell, decided to use animals. Also the book emphasizes the communist system at that time but in the story the animals called Animalism. In this written assignment I will create a new character called Tornado who tries to save Boxer after Napoleon lied to the animals and called the Horse Slaughterer to kill Boxer instead of the hospital because he was sick, but Tornado can’t save him so he started to feel bad about what happened. This character will represents bravery, friendship, solidarity and other qualities that the other animals don’t have, especially Napoleon, because he only thinks in himself but in the other…show more content…
Guayaquil, September 20, 2016 Dearest Tornado: Good morning Tornado, I am writing you because I want to know how are the things in the farm if are better or worst since Snowball left, but with Napoleon in chart I suppose that the things are like always, without food, without free time, without a lot of things I know you want. But that is not the aim of the letter Tornado, the real reason why I am writing you is because I heard about a huge problem that recently happened in the farm, and with the big boss that you have, you have to know that you can count with me no matter what. So, the thing is that Boxer, strong like an oak tree, stronger than two normal horses together, was sick because he worked more than other animals, so Napoleon said to you that he took him to the hospital, but that was a lie, right? Napoleon lied to everyone and who he called was a knacker, I imagine your reaction when you notice that. Also, I know that you tried to help him as soon as you can, but the truck was so big and fast that the only thing you could do was give it a little push even when you are a strong, big, brave, angry and a lot of good qualities, but remember that you are not the young bull that you was once and you have to understand that you could not help him but you tried and that is what it
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