A Positive Hospitality In Homer's Odyssey

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In ancient greek mythology, hospitality is used as kind gesture to the the travelers who are coming from long distances. In the Odyssey hospitality was shown positively and negatively by the other gods towards Odysseus, his wife, and his son. As the sailors arrive to the islands along their journeys they expect to be treated with positive hospitality, but that is not always the case. In the Odyssey, the custom of hospitality is used, but there is times when negative hospitality causes some of his men to be killed and his positive hospitality gives his men the necessities.
Positive hospitality is when a stranger comes to a persons door. When that happens the host is suppose to let them in and give them anything they need before asking questions.
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When Odysseus and his men arrive at the island of Aeaea, Circe tricks a group of Odysseus’ men by welcoming them in and acting like she was going to show positive hospitality, but then turning them into pigs and showing negative hospitality. “Circe came out and welcomed them inside. All but Eurylochus accepted the invitation. He had a premonition. And sure enough, after she had given them food and honeyed wine mixed with a pinch of something, she waved her wand and turned them into swine (mythweb.com).” Circe shows negative hospitality by welcoming Odysseus’ men in, giving them food, getting them drunk, and turning them into swine. Cyclops island is the fourth island they land on along the journey, they meet one of the cyclops named Polythemus. While Odysseus and his men are on the island they show negative hospitality towards Polythemus but Polythemus should show positive hospitality while they stay in his home. “Zeus? We Cyclops are stronger than Zeus. I’ll show you hospitality. With that he snatched up two of my men and bashed their brains out on the floor (mythweb.com).” Even though Odysseus and his men are rude to Polythemus, he should give them at least some sort of hospitality since it is a ancient greek custom and Odysseus and his men are staying in his home. If you are the guest you as well should be respectful to the host. Odysseus and his men are very rude and show negative hospitality as guest by eating Polythemus’ cheese and then later on stabbing him in the eye while he was sleeping. “Polythemus came awake with a roar, tore the spike from his eye and began groping for us in his blindness (mythweb.com).” Although Polythemus does not give Odysseus and his men hospitality and does not allow them to leave his home, Odysses is not showing positive hospitality as a guest. Circe, Polythemus, and Odysseus show negative hospitality
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