Positive Parenting Approach Essay

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A Positive Parenting Approach-Birth to age 2 Parenting and process of growing and raising a successful, well developed, and emotionally stable infant is proving harder than our predecessors. Because of the complexities in raising children today; dual salary families are being forced to allow others to raise their children. Children are no longer staying at home with their mothers while dad goes off to work his 9-5. Parents are sending their children to daycare centers while both are both “on the clock”. Today 's society is seeing less of the traditional “stay-at-home-mom” than at any other time in our history. Informed parents are conducting research and choosing the right daycare center for their children; because of this proactive approach,…show more content…
Parents view the school system as a place to teach their child reading, writing, and mathematics, yet building interpersonal intelligence is considered to be one of the eight basic human aptitudes according to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner. Children develop at different speeds; some children achieve academic excellence while others excel in relating to people and forming relationships. Shirley Vandersteen, past president of the Psychologists ' Association of Alberta believes “poor social skills put you at a greater disadvantage than poor spelling” (Cottle, 2008). It is believed that “social competence can be improved” (Readers Digest Magazine, 2010). Placing your child in daycare will not assure socialization; however, children will have the benefit of learning self-control, how to get along with others and how to share (The Blank Slate Theory in Psychology, 2010). In recent decades, daycare centers have faced a negative aspect of not providing the care, compassion and learning environment which was promoted by their parents. Parents today have the resources to research daycare centers they are interested in placing their child to determine which one will best suit the academic, and social needs of their child. To avoid some of the negative redundancies… blogs and reviews have been created by parents for parents to review and provide an honest opinion on local daycare centers. This allows for parents to feel secure in sending their children to
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