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The author F.B Newman once said, “be careful what you say. You can always say you 're sorry, but you can never take back what you said.” A post in Psychology Today by Satoshi Kanazawa called “A Look at the Hard Truths About Human Nature" argues that African American women are less attractive than other women. He uses Body Mass Index (BMI), intelligence, and testosterone levels in men and women in order to make his argument. Not a stranger to controversial works, Kanazawa’s post about African American women also faced heavy backlash and questions about the violation of bias in research. He seems to not be bothered by it, as he writes,” If the truth offends people, it is our job as scientists to offend them” and “I do science as if the truth mattered and your feelings about it didn 't.” Kanazawa is treading on a slippery slope, because of the sensitive nature of his topic. Even if his research was accurate and precise (it isn’t), he would still have to answer questions regarding racism and cultural sensitivity. The Root’s Jenée Desmond-Harris was also critical about Kanazawa’s post, so much that she thought it was a “hoax of some sort.” Latoya Peterson believes that Kanazawa is trying to justify his own bigotry under the pretext of science.…show more content…
By virtue of believing that testosterone is the primary cause of people finding African Americans less attractive, Kanazawa has committed the Composition/Division Fallacy, one of many flaws, in his
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