A Powerful Partnership Rhetorical Analysis

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The passage, “A Powerful Partnership”, is more successful in developing the contribution Elizabeth Cady Stanton made to the women’s rights movement in the 1800s than “The Birthplace of Women’s Rights”. Text two, “A Powerful Partnership”, applies figurative language to express Stanton’s skills as a devoter of women’s rights. Text two states that she had a way with a pen that caught people’s attention. This idiom communicates that her writing skills had a significant impact when conveying a message. Text one, “The Birthplace of Women’s Rights”, says Stanton argued the right to vote, but it doesn’t go on to say if this had an influence on people. Text two explicitly states her saying “I forged the thunderbolts; she fired them.” This provides information on how Stanton and Anthony were effective in spreading their ideologies. Text one states that Stanton and four other women were sitting around a table trying to figure out what to do. This piece of evidence implies that they weren’t prepared for the convention at Seneca Falls and doesn’t represent her great abilities. “A Powerful…show more content…
Text two explicitly asserts, “When the meeting time arrived, she would step back and let Stanton do what she did best—give a fine, humorous, well-planned address.” This provides us with a detail that describes what she could fulfill. Text one plainly states, “In fact, the women asked a man to preside at the convention.” This sentence vaguely presents readers without any specific particulars about this man. Text two also says that Anthony reminded Stanton of the injustices women have faced to keep her motivated. That detail gives readers a closer look into her life and what she could carry out with Anthony’s support. Text one puts forth, “Still, it would be twenty years before a national organization was created…” This part of the text doesn’t mention a certain organization or give
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