A Prayer For Owen Meany Analysis

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A Prayer for Owen Meany A Prayer for Owen Meany is a book by John Wheelwright Irving published in 1989. The novel revolves around the issues of Christianity and demonstrates the significance of religion. One of the themes that completely stand out in this novel is that of doubt and belief. The characters have a conflict about what they should believe and what they should doubt about Christianity. In addition, John Wheelwright has a great belief about the predestined plan of the life of Owen. He uses several stylistic devices to make the reader believe in Owens predestination. In this book, Owen uses first narration to give details about his life and other characters in the story. The first person narration helps a reader to experience a narrative from the narrator 's point of view thus convincing the reader to accept the…show more content…
He introduces a story within a story with the aim of giving an in-depth information about Owens life. In the cause of the narration, Johns gives his details and it is through learning about his life that a reader gets to know more about Owen. John uses the memory of the conversations they have had in the past, flashbacks, and diary entries to provide facts about Owen’s life. This shows that he has spent a lot of time with Owen and the style of going back and forth in time makes the reader believe John 's account of Owen 's life. The transition and previews from when they were young provide a lot of information making the relater reliable (Zděnková 5). When the reader fully trusts that the information the narrator provides is true then they believe in the motive and
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