A Primer For The Punctuation Of Heart Disease Summary

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I can only see the residual affect of love from within the family I belong. To me, other love is invisible and incomprehensible as I measure it to the type I am so familiar with. In the short story A Primer For The Punctuation Of Heart Disease, the author Jonathan Safran underlines the specific dynamic within his family by accentuating their unorthodox view of love and affection. I knew that families loved each other deeply, obviously, but it was outward appearance of such feelings that confused me. I ignorantly, judged different families actions against that of my own. I came to conclusions that because they were outwardly depressingly differently than my family, they clearly did not love there own like my family did. When I finished reading…show more content…
So, instead he has to write using unconventional punctuation in order to properly get out the strength and vitality of how they feel. He relates a “barely tolerable substitute” (83), as a clear avenue to indirectly tell family members they love them. In my family we say it outright with no hesitation. Prior to this passage, I would doubt the authenticity of love between Fore’s family. But, in reality the feelings that are nuanced hold the true meaning, not the words themselves. Moreover, Foer utilizes “the silence mark” (82) and the “willed silence mark” (82), to clarify the broad spectrum of sentiment he has with the people he is related to. He refuses to talk in detail to his dad about his recent surgery because the slightest thought of losing his dead pains him to the core. Similarly, he won’t let his grandma explain the pain she incurred during the holocaust. What is not said hoists the weight of love and attachment Foer feels for his family. He does not let himself ponder the idea of sudden demise or past grief, surrounding himself in soothing words. Although, they do not express these feelings openly and freely it does not indicate the sparseness of

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