A Psychological Approach In Hamlet

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“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (I.v.90). Hamlet is about a young prince who is mourning the loss of his father. He then tries to seek revenge on his uncle Claudius because he poisoned his father. Throughout the play Hamlet’s behavior starts to change which causes him to become mad. The theory about all this is a Psychological Approach. A Psychological Approach is a perspective study that involves certain assumptions about the human behavior and the way they function. The character that I will most likely be talking about is Hamlet. After, analyzing Hamlet, readers will understand how Psychological Approach is shown throughout the play and what is going on through the characters heads and how they’re behavior changes on later…show more content…
King Claudius corresponds to all the parts of the tripartite because he shows Id, Ego, and Superego. A quote that shows ID is when King Claudius says “Hamlet, this deed, for thine especial safety—Which we do tender as we dearly grieve/For that which thou hast done—must send thee hence/With fiery quickness. Therefore prepare thyself./The bark is ready and the wind at help,/Th ' associates tend, and everything is bent/For England.l” The quote shows ID because King Claudius is so desperate to kill Hamlet that he sends Hamlet to England to get out of the way and get killed. A quote that shows Ego, is when King Claudius plan for the death of Hamlet is when Laertes helps him out and says “And for that purpose I’ll anoint my sword./I bought an unction of a mountebank,/So mortal that, but dip a knife in it,/Where it draws blood no cataplasm so rare,/Collected from all simples that have virtue/Under the moon, can save the thing from death/That is but scratched withal. I’ll touch my point/With this contagion, that if I gall him slightly/It may be death”(author). Another quote that goes with Ego that is used is “...We’ll make a solemn wager on your cunnings.—/I ha ’t! When in your motion you are hot and dry,/As make your bouts more violent to that end,/And that he calls for drink, I’ll have prepared him/A chalice for the nonce, whereon but sipping,/If he by chance escape your venomed stuck”(author). Both these quotes show Ego because King Claudius is planning on ways to kill Hamlet and he has a backup plan just Incase the first plan is unsuccessful. A quote I have that goes with Superego is when King Claudius says “Let’s further think of this,/Weigh what convenience both of time and means/May fit us to our shape. If this should fail,/And that our drift look through our bad performance”(author). This relates to Superego because King Claudius is thinking first and he wants to take his time not make the kill suspicious. This is how King Claudius corresponds to the three parts in
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