A Psychology Of Rumor Robert Knapp Summary

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In the article “A Psychology of Rumor” by Robert H. Knapp he defines rumor as a belief of informal social communication including myths, legend, and humor. Robert H Knapp states that rumors have three basic characteristic modes of transmission mostly by word of mouth, informative, and the ones that express emotional need. The characteristic of rumor all play a different role in society. Such as wish rumors, bogie rumors, and the wedge driving aggression rumors. Robert H. Knapp explored into details about the characteristic of a successful rumor, and an unsuccessful rumor. Robert Knapp expresses that rumors can be successful depending on the quality of the information given within the rumor. Robert Knapp states “typically the successful rumor…show more content…
Throughout the article he provides us with the types of rumors, quality of rumors, and characteristic of rumors. Robert H. Knapp goes into deep details of all types of rumors carried on within society. Rumors are deeper than what we initiate it to be, it has to believable, simple and precise. In fact he states it’s not a successful rumor until it is memorable to one. In the article “How Rumors Help Us Make Sense of an Uncertain World “by Nicholas Difonzo. He explains where they come from, what they consist of, and what people get from them. He explains what makes a rumor; Rumors must be informational, acts of communication, significant to the tellers and audience, and never verified truthful information. Within the passage the rumors are described to be an encouragement to others during difficult times. Nicholas Difonzo describes rumors as a positive or negative aspect. From this passage it seems that people try to make rumors that benefit themselves. Rumors are past upon others to give a better understanding of certain situations that people don’t quite understand. I feel from reading this passage rumor would be started if you would just ask rather than assume about a
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