A Raisin In The Sun Act 1 Analysis

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Kelsey Wilson Ms. Taverner English 10 25 April 2016 A Raisin In The Sun Act one of A Raisin in the Sun starts in Chicago apartment. It is overcrowded and the Younger family who lives there seems unhappy. Ruth wakes her son(Travis) and husband(Walter Lee), Travis goes to shower in a shared bathroom while Ruth makes breakfast and bickers with Walter. They mention a “check” a few times and walter is upset that ruth does not support him in his wanting to invest in liquor stores. After being told no repeatedly by his mother Travis gets fifty cents for school from his father who gives him it seemingly to spite Ruth. Walter is obviously bitter with Beneatha who enters, she wants to study medicine and he think it’s a waste of the money that is coming to mama. The following day (in scene 2) the family all takes part in cleaning the apartment and they wait for the mail and the check to arrive. Beneatha’s friend from school calls and comes over. Ruth finds out she’s pregnant and accidentally says that she saw a woman doctor which confuses mama (the family doctor has been a man for quite a while).…show more content…
When George comes to get Beneatha to go see a movie she takes off the headdress she was given, when she takes it off it is shown that she now has short wild hair, everyone seems disappointed and shocked. Mama comes home and tells everyone she took part of the money and made a down payment on a house. Then Mama gives Walter the rest of the money and tells him to split it between him and Beneatha. In scene three of act two they are moving into the new house. Bobo we find out that walter gave all the money (not just his money but Beneatha’s money too) to Willy Harris to invest in the liquor store. Willy Harris ran off with the money. Mama is furious, her husband worked hard for that money and now it’s
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