A Raisin In The Sun Character Analysis

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Many people in the Younger family thought that not taking Mr. Linder's money was a mistake. There are many different views on what they should have done but it changed how they lived either way. I believe that the decision that they made was right because they needed to stand up for themselves and not let a white man tell them what they can and cannot do. They did what they thought was right and I agree with them. I think that they did what they thought was right, but there are some other views on it. The Younger family is African American and do not have the best of living. Mama, as well as others always find the positive things in life and stay happy. Almost all of the character in this play played an impact on the decision of taking Mr. Lidner's money for the house. Mama played a big role in this because she was the head and all of the children wanted to respect her. She was older and more responsible but I think that she did not want to be kicked out of neighborhood just because she was not the same color, but it was not only her decision. Another character that played a big role in deciding was Walter. Walter was a dreamer and a hard worker. He has his down sides and got angry on the occasion. He was very involved in money and sometimes thought that it was the center of everything, when it is not. He wanted to use money on things like…show more content…
Just because the Younger was African American hindered them from obtaining the entire American dream. They were all happy which is a major part to the American dream but there are other parts. Another thing is being successful in your job and lifestyle. They did not have the best jobs and did not make a bunch of money. There living style reflected that too, they did not have car and there house was not that nice and small. The house that they moved into at the end was nicer but they were still struggling to keep
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