A Raisin In The Sun Act 1 Scene 2 Analysis

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Act 1 Scene ii from A Raisin in the Sun, the scene reveals two battles and doubts for the Younger and their upcoming. Power racial prejudice conflict, and dreadful weakness of failure. Walter Lee struggles to deal with the unfair situations that rule their lives. The Youngers brawl to attain these dreams and much of their happiness sometimes overrule the bad. The house of dreams unites the family when things become skirmish. Youngers know that they are going to accomplish their dreams and racism would not stand in their way. The setting is the Younger apartment throughout the play, highlighting the center of the home. Light seems to change in the mood, the scene is light and dark contrast in the frame of film. The window of the apartment is a small square only for a plant flower. Location of the place is real, you can see people walking outside from the rear window. And a lady dusting her rugs outside of the window. Even though the audiences see some scenes playout outside of the apartment, most of the production is happening in the kitchen area. Dishes on the wall and rack shows the neatness of the family, while the dark shadows from behind the tea cups display the white chinaware. The apartment is…show more content…
Then it cuts to medium shot when Walter Lee explains why he needs to invest in the liquor store. It cut to another shot with a medium shot with Ruth shows her concern of their marriage with Walter Lee and how he’s acting. It cuts to another shot of Walter Lee storming into the bedroom running after his mother. The camera study’s the two shots with the mother and son and Walter Lee swarms around his mother while the camera goes moves with him. The anger portrays the hunger for attention and reasoning in the household but the rejects hurts him the most. Acting style of the play is dramatic, wretched with fiery exaggerated facial expressions of Walter Lee when he sees the check that came in the
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