A Raisin In The Sun Character Analysis

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In Lorraine Hansberry’s play,” A Raisin in the Sun” Beneatha Younger has great dreams for her future, but there are issues such as, race, education, and gender that stand in the way.
Beneatha’s dreams of finding who she really is and becoming a doctor are affected by her gender in the play. Walter says to Beneatha,“I 'm interested in you. Something wrong with that? Ain’t many girls who decide…to become a Doctor” Bennie helps him finish his sentence (Hansberry 36). There were female doctors in the 1950’s but they were very unheard of at that time. Walter and Beneatha had been talking about if Bennie had made her mind up about school yet even though she tells him the same answer every day. With Walters tone when he says “to be a doctor” shows that it 's really unheard of for females to become doctors or even get a higher education than high school. Also, Beneath is dating George Murchison, a man from a wealthy family and who wouldn’t want to marry into a wealthy family? George doesn’t really think of Beneatha as a real person with ideas and thoughts, but more as a toy. George wants her for his pleasure and to make him look good. George first shows this when he is taking her to the theatre and says, “ Look, honey, we 're going to the theatre we 're not going to be in it ... so go change, huh?“ (Hansberry 82). He is asking her to change out of Nigeria dresses Asagai brought her so that she can find her true identity. When Beneatha starts to take off her headdress showing her
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