A Raisin In The Sun Compare And Contrast Essay

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The play, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and the movie A Raisin in the Sun directed by Kenny Leon, which was a version of the play created in 2008, both have a lot of similarities and differences. The plot of the play starts out in a small apartment where a family of 5 people live. A massive check is coming in the mail and the play circles around what the family does with the money. The main thing is that they buy a house and water, the main character, losses the rest of the money from an investment gone bad. The movie and the play has Meany similarities, some in evolving the setting and the characters however there are other similarities too. One of the similarities is that the movie used the same lines that the play used. Some…show more content…
The first is the placement of the plant. In the play, the plaint is placed on a window cell in the kitten area. In the movie, the window is replaced with a door that leads to a balcony where the plant lays. Another difference is at the end when MAMA, the elder in the family, forgets her plaint. In the play, the ending is MAMA coming into the apartment for the last time to find her plaint that she almost forgot, but the movie completely skips over that part. Besides the inside layout of the apartment the movie also includes sections outside the apartment. The play circles around the apartment and only ever mentions the outside world, we never get a description or a scene where the viewer is watching the scene form the outside of the apartment. In the movie, the camera shows the outside world more than once. Some examples were when the movie showed Walters meeting with his friends, in the bar. Another example is when it shows the hallway and the outside side of the apartment. The play did talk about it but never showed it. The last contrast is that the movie added scenes. Some of the scenes the movie added are when the family goes to see the new house they are buy, another is when Ruth goes to see the doctor. In the play, these sections are implied and it is showed though the characters dialog even though they never leave the

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