A Raisin In The Sun Environment Analysis

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The interpretation gained from reading “A Raisin in the Sun” came accross with a few points, Ruth and Walter fight a great deal within the story. Ruth and Walter’s living environment is both positive and negative. It would be interesting to find out what's makes Walter tick, as well as why Ruth feels like she needs to put up barriers. Also explore how Walter and Ruth slowly come back together as a couple to find peace in their lives which directly affects the baby living or dying. The understanding received was Walter wants to be better within his socioeconomic status. He is hitting the white man’s nineteen fifties social ceiling, yet wants to go past that and max out at his own status ceiling. One reason Walter acts the way he acts could possibly be because of his environment, in Act 1 Scene 1, Walter is talking to Ruth about the insurance money and how he wants to invest in a liquor store. Ruth shut him down by saying “ eat your eggs”(Hansberry 1547). Ruth is trying to tell Walter to “walk the line” and do what you have always done, don’t try new things and possibly dig the family into a deep hole, Walter does not like this response from…show more content…
When Mama and Walter are talking amongst themselves Walter starts to leave because he needs to get some alone time. Mama tells him “ you got a job, a nice wife, a fine boy and” Walter stops Mama and says “ Mama, a job? I open and close doors all day long. I drive a man around in his limousine and I say, “Yes, sir; no, sir; very good, sir; shall I take the Drive, sir?”( Hansberry 1567). Walter feels his job is more than unsatisfying, and can not make Mama understand, since her simplistic views are just like Ruths. In spite of his personal inadequacies with his job fulfillment, Walter shines in the end of the story with understanding and growth of his own fathers not so wonderful job. Walter seems to be reflecting on his own status as a
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