A Raisin In The Sun Gender Analysis

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The members of the younger family all have cherished ambitions, throughout the play A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry’s use of metaphors, hyperboles, and symbols reveal a great deal about the nature of the characters’ deepest wishes and hopes for the future and how gender and race can show the unjust in societal expectations. The first written words of this play are the poem by Langston Hughes, Harlem, which is about what happens when a dream is set on the back burner. Gender and race play the role of societal expectations. In the 1960’s a revolution of American ideals was beginning to evolve that would change the way people looked at women and African Americans in the years to come, the rise of feminism and left over ideals of the civil…show more content…
She supports them in everything, Beneatha becoming a doctor is harder because she is a black female, during this time the medical field was still mostly male oriented. Even though Beneatha's relationship with her mother is largely one of conflict because of their many differences, but it is not a strained relationship. They always end up hugging and supporting each other afterwards. She will always love her mother even if they do not always get along. Beneatha is a very strong and stubborn character, mostly so when it comes to her brother Walter Lee. Beneatha is struggling to become a doctor because the medical professions, was not for women. Beneatha uses her stubbornness to get her through the tough, profession she was dreaming about. Even Beneatha's name hints at the subtle undertones of feminism, if you say it like beneath her. Chicago in the time period of the play was still segregated. Many aspects of life make it challenging to achieve a dream, but most of them you can change. Gender and race you cannot change, which I believe are the two biggest points of discrimination. So what happens to a dream deferred? In my personal opinion a dream can never really die, it can only be saved for a later day, when you have lived enough to remember what it’s like to
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