A Raisin In The Sun Lena Character Analysis

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Lena is a very strong role in the book, A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry. A Raisin in the Sun is a book about a black family trying to decide about what to do with ten thousand dollars. The family debate and fight lot about the money, it is tearing them apart. They are straining to stay together as one big happy family. Lena is a strong, leader, and compassionate person because she helps the family to stay together. Lena entered the book as a mom wondering who slammed the door. (39) Lena is a very strong woman by mentally. She always remains strong no matter how things are going badly around her, her son drinking, her daughter in law trying to receive an abortion, her daughter trying to get into medical school but did not…show more content…
Lena is a very old lady, but she kept on working and making good decisions for the family. When Walter asked Lena for money, she said no to Walter because she knows that it is the wrong thing to execute. Yet, when she finally let Walter have the money because Walter is tearing the family. Walter lost the money to his malevolent friend. Lena regretted her decision for letting Walter have the money. (106,107,129) Lena usually made more beneficial decisions, but she has very hard time for letting others making the determinations. Sometimes other characters are annoyed of her making suggestions. Like when Lena asked what did Ruth feed her son. Then Lena said, “I ain’t meddling. I just noticed all last week he had cold cereal, and when it starts getting this chilling in the fall a child ought to have some hot grits or something when he goes out in the cold-”. Ruth got very annoyed. (40) Lena learned through the book that she can not always control everything and she has to let others try and learn about making decisions. The lessons she has learned helps her to become a better
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