A Raisin In The Sun Nanberry Character Traits

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Character Analysis
He is a young aboriginal boy at the edge of the earth living with the white settlers learning their ways. He was living a happy life when everything was torn away him, his family, his people and his aboriginal ways. He has to start again and rebuild his life learning a new language and the new English ways. He takes on the new life with resilience and heart, striving in the new colony. Jackie French has portrayed her character Nanberry in an interesting way due to his constantly changing character. He is a very loyal and brave young boy which learns very quickly.
Nanberry 's loyalty in the book is key to his character development throughout the story. Nanberry is not only loyal to the white ghosts but also his to his Cadigal heritage. His loyalty is shown in many instances whilst translating the native languages back into English which helps the white ghosts learn to trust him and him learning to trust them. When one of the officers asks Nanberry to ask Bennelong why everyone was on the beach near the beached whale although Nanberry knew the answer to that question but he asked anyway and paid the price of being slapped across the face for his loyal endeavours. Another example of Nanberry 's loyalty was in
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Nanberry 's courage was portrayed in the story on a number of occasions. Nanberry had courage when his family was dying but he also has it in the new situations that he faces. An example of this is in chapter 23 when the governor asked Nanberry to tell Bennelong not to be scared Nanberry knew he was not to say that to a warrior as a warrior was never scared but Nanberry did as he was told and got slapped across the face by Bennelong for doing so. Yet another example of Nanberry 's courage is in chapter 39 when Nanberry helped his brother by telling Balloonderry that the soldiers were coming with muskets. He did that a very risky price of being hanged if he was caught helping the enemy Nanberry has courage no matter the situation that he is
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