A Raisin In The Sun Quote Analysis

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“There is no education like adversity” (Disraeli), is a quote which describes Walter Lee Younger, a 35 year old African-American man who undergoes many adversities until he becomes a strong leader who unifies his family. Walter achieves this growth by facing and learning from his many misfortunes. After the death of his father, Big Walter, Walter’s family is given a small fortune from insurance. Walter, believing he is doing what is best for the family, tries to invest the money only to lose it all. This event leaves Walter feeling hopeless but he manages to learn from this mistake and make a choice that unites his family and rekindles their trust in him. As a result of his adversities, Walter loses what he thought to be everything only to realize there’s more to life than money and power. Right off the bat in Act I Scene II, Walter isn’t satisfied with his family’s quality of life. “Well, you tell that to my boy tonight when you put him to sleep on the living room couch. Yeah and tell it to my wife, tomorrow when she has to go out of here to look after…show more content…
He started off as a father who was so obsessed with money and status, he lost sight of his family. From this point he kept making mistakes and sank deeper into a hole of his obsessions. Walter finally climbed out of the hole by choosing to help his family over himself by declining Lindner’s deal. In this climax of pride, it is clear that, in many ways, Walter dreams of being a man and is simply consumed by the incorrect belief that materialism is the only means toward this goal. Achieving the status of head of the family and proving his worth as a man opens Walter's eyes to the variety of ways that he can better his family’s future. For now, he can find contentment in serving as a positive and worthy role model and leader to Travis and the rest of the
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