A Raisin In The Sun Selfish Quotes

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In “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry Lana has many different personality traits such as being loving, trusting, and authoritative. Lana shows she is loving when she uses her insurance money to buy them a house when she could've used the money for herself.”she went out and bought you a house”(91) . Lana says that she bought you (Travis) a house implying that she didn’t buy it for herself, but for the family. As well as being a loving person Lana is also very trusting person. She entrusts her son with sixty five hundred dollars (about $61,000 today) because she trusts her son will use the money well.”that leaves sixty-five hundred ain’t much, but it’s all I got in this world and I'm putting it in your hands”(107). This
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