A Raisin In The Sun Simple Honesty Analysis

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A raisin inthe sun debuted on broadway in 1959. Critics have consistently considered the play as a play where a black family struggles with not having enough space in their apartment to racism to¬¬¬¬ segregation. The character charts include Mama, Benethea, Walter, Ruth, Travis, Lindner, Asagai and George. Brooks Atkinson praised how he thought that the play was honest and other things like that . Although he noted ,” the play is honest. She has told the inner as well as the outer truth about a Negro family in the south-side of Chicago at the present time. Since the performance is also honest and since Sidney Poitier is a candid actor, A Raisin in the Sun has vigor as well as veracity and is likely to destroy the complacency of any one who sees it.” He also noted one negative comment, which is, “That is Miss Hansberry's personal contribution to an explosive situation in which simple honesty is the most difficult thing in the world.” In general, his report was really nice.…show more content…
In a review of the Broadway production, Lorraine Hansberry noted the problems and misconceptions about something and jotted them down to make them seem like better ideas. Ideas can sometimes make better ideas. Simple honesty is the most important thing in the world. Especially if people are nice to you they deserve to be treated nice back. Hansberry captures the historical reality of iving in Chicago in the 1940’s in her play A Raisin In The Sun. The Great Migrations from 1940-1960 brought hundreds of thousands of blacks from the South to Chicago where they became an urban population, and created churches, community organizations important businesses, and great music and literature. Their goal was to live in a neighborhood where blacks could pursue life with the same rights as
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