A Raisin In The Sun Walter's Life

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During the play, A Raisin in the Sun, the Younger family struggled to become better. Each family member views the world differently and had their own dreams. The son of the Youngers, Walter Lee, was unwilling to sacrifice his dreams for his family at first. Most of his actions hurt the family. Walter did not care and treated his family poorly. It took him awhile to realize the true meaning of family, but he made a change. During the last scene, Walter seems like a hero to his family, although he did not make the right decision with the father’s insurance money. Walter is an important character in the play. He believes he has the best interest for his family. Walter tries to be loving, but sometimes the way he shows love could be harsh. He could be very mean to his mama, sister, and wife. As each woman tried to talk to…show more content…
The man, Mr. Lindner offered the Youngers a deal to not move into his neighborhood. Mr. Lindner felt like black people should not be in Clybourne Park. Walter thought it would be best for his family to take the deal. At this point, Walter was not thinking about his family. He knew his mama wanted to give his son a bigger house. Walter made the family angry. They did not even want to talk to him. At the end of the play, Walter decided to not take the offer. He knew it was important to his family to move. Walter started to look like a hero. A Raisin in the Sun shows a middle-class family struggling to have more. Walter was passionate about his family. He only wanted them to have more but sometimes he did wrong. Walter was obsessed with his own idea of success. He felt like his ideas would make all his economic problems go away. He thought he was doing right by his family. Unfortunately, Walter had to learn a hard lesson. Poverty does not always lead to happiness. Family is more important than having money. Walter Lee Younger actions are what made him a better
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