A Rat In The Savanna Analysis

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A Rat in the Savanna There’s a tale of a smart rat that once roamed the arid African savanna. He was very clever, yet out of trouble he stayed. He liked to just get by while eating his daily dose of cheese. One day, while the rat was looking for some food, he heard in the distance a loud noise. The ground below him shook and with it everything around him started moving. Scared, the rat ran for his life. Scared that he would not live another day to eat his cheese, he climbed the tallest tree there was. From the heights of his new hiding spot he saw the cause of these events, a huge elephant running towards him. The rat, now even more stressed than before, grabbed as hard as he could onto the tree, he closed his eyes and waited for the worst. After a few seconds he opened his eyes and was met face to face with the elephant, who had stopped just in front of him to eat some leaves. “Well look at…show more content…
Annoyed by it, the now somewhat rested rat begins opening his eyes. After many hours of sleep, the rat finally feels like going out and look for a way to get payback from the arrogant elephant, but first he needs to find some food. As he once again begins looking for something to eat, he spots in the distance a tall and skinny figure. As he gets closer he realizes who the silhouette really is. A giraffe! And something within the rat tells him that this giraffe is actually his ticket to not only find food, but to also get revenge on the elephant. Slowly but surely he begins approaching the large animal. As he get closer and closer the fear begins getting to him, you see, this rat was very afraid of giraffes. When he was little he would hear the stories of young rats being crushed by the towering creature. Even with those stories still hunting him to this day, the rat knew that this was a once in a life opportunity. So fueling himself with all the courage that he could find, the rat went to talk to the
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