A Real Durwan Short Story Summary

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Salman Rushdie states: “Exiles or emigrants or expatriates are haunted by some sense of loss, some urge to reclaim, to look back even at the risk of mutated in the pillars of salt” The migration has become one of the most important issues of the contemporary world. Travelling and adapting across cultures have turned into major issues and concern of the contemporary globalizing environment. Jhumpa Lahiri is also a diasporic writer like Salman Rushdie, V.S Naipaul, and Bharati Mukherjee. The term Diaspora came into use only with reference to the Jews who dispersed in different parts of the world either forcibly or due to other reasons. Pradeep Anand says: Diaspora is spreading of the seed when planted in different parts of the world, absorbs unique characteristics from the local soil. Every story about the Diaspora thus becomes a unique context, a co-ordination of space, time and experience, which someday will collectively tell the whole story of a Diaspora. A Real Durwan is the story about Boori Ma, a sweeper who did not migrate to India from Pakistan for financial reasons but for political reason. A sweeper of the stairwell in an old building in Calcutta, who was deported to Calcutta after partition. In 1947, the South Asian subcontinent was divided in to two countries, India and Pakistan. The partition created a mass migration of Hindus and Muslims from India to Pakistan. Writing about Punjabi Migrants in Britain, Dhooleka Raj argues: Partition is remembered and recounted

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