A Red Light For Scofflaws Analysis

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Right now we are currently living in an unjust society; a society where millions of people are breaking a law almost everyday. In Frank Trippett’s prompt, “A Red Light for Scofflaws”, he argues that laws are only considered punishable and broken if the crime at hand is ‘large’ enough. He supports his argument by stating laws that are considered ‘minor’ that are broken almost every day by the millions of Americans. He continues his argument by claiming the “slogan of the day..” as being “You 're a fool if you obey the rules.” Trippett 's main argument is that the smaller a crime is considered, the more it turns into a ‘rule’ which can be broken with little to no consequences. The author speaks in an upset tone towards millions of blind Americans who do not see their actions as punishable in today’s society. Trippet is right to say that more and more ordinary citizens are becoming scofflaws as many people are starting to break laws that are considered non-punishable. Laws are created for a reason, be it small or large the rule that was broken at the time, before it became a law,…show more content…
Littering, speeding, pollution and every other ‘small’ law is at most a gateway to laws considered ‘bigger’ in aspects of the crime and its punishment when broken. Those who are not scofflaws and actually take in consideration to our society, can detect a true scofflaw and react towards their actions in a violent manner. When pollution, be it noise or waste, is committed around a ‘good’ citizen, he or she usually reacts in a violent tone to show that they do not condone the breaking of the small law. And the one who committed the crime, which in this case is pollution, would react back at an equal tone, causing something worse than pollution. The breaking of these ‘small’ laws is not to be taken lightly by justice and should have its consequences. Not to show whoever committed the crime to being a true criminal, but to prevent the worst outcome from what is considered ‘a small
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